What we need now is inner anarchy


“Jesus announced the inauguration of a new age—the likes of which we have never seen but have dreamed of. His words are compelling and fascinating. He implied that this age is hidden in the human heart and is now ready to be birthed into existence. Jesus said it would come in the midst of great turmoil and would be led not by religious preachers and Bible scholars, but by those who open up their minds, become like a child and trust what is deep inside their hearts.”

– Jim Palmer, Inner Anarchy: Dethroning God and Jesus to Save Ourselves and the World 

Latest Comments

  1. Jesse Collins says:

    I must tell you that I have remained a faithful follower because I see you doing so much good in the world. You have, with the inner anarchy concept, stirred up my belief system and in turn I am sure that the stirring will be on a much larger scale.

    I have a tendency to gloss over what I really want to say most of the time for fearing of offending people. Your forthrightness with inner anarchy has torn down my tendency to placate people. I now speak genuinely from the heart about where I am in my spiritual growth. Have you heard of or met Rabbi Rami Shapiro? He has, I think, coined a phrase “Spiritually Independent”, pretty much covers where I come from. Perennialism would be another term. I believe in a common thread joining all spiritual practices, that to a large part of the world is unknown. Teachers come, as needed, to further this in the world view. To me, you are one of those teachers.

    I continue my practice and will until it is time for me to move on and I am glad that I am open and receptive enough to realize that God is still sending teachers for us. I am thankful for the ability to be open hearted enough to know when someone comes into my life to help me grow and understand. For me, you are a gift of the Spirit.

    Wishes for the success of your newest child, Inner Anarchy. I will get a copy as soon as possible.


  2. Danny Randall says:

    I cannot wait to read this book my friend!

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