Did Jesus get a raw deal with the Christian religion?


Jesus got a raw deal in the Christian religion. The truth he bore witness to and demonstrated is much better than anything I learned in seminary, and is still one of the best kept secrets in our world. This was one of my motivations for writing Inner Anarchy.

*Just a quick update. The manuscript was submitted for publishing, and is currently under review. It’s possible that the book could be available this week. You can learn more about Inner Anarchy here.

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  1. Kate says:

    Hi Jim, Im a bit confused by the things you say! Some of it is so refreshing to hear. But some of it is inconsistent with what I read about Jesus in the Bible… you seem to take some of what Jesus said but not all of it… Do you agree? Are you using the Bible to learn what Jesus said and did?
    If you are using the Bible to learn about Jesus, am I missing something, or do you believe that part of what he is reported in the Bible to have said was fabricated? Personally I find some of what he said hard to take…it seems unloving to say that God ( who is love) only accepts those who come to him through Jesus. What about those who haven’t heard, what about those for whom culturally ‘christianity’ is a religion from a different culture, and what about those who think they are believers but are really religious, following the rules they have been incorrectly taught is the truth. Yet this is what Jesus said in the Bible. And some people find the reality of Jesus when they seek truth with all their hearts even though they have never read a Bible. They then find him in the Bible. Where do you learn what Jesus said and did from? Id really appreciate your response to these thoughts. Thanks

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      Kate, perhaps give the book a read and let me know your thoughts. I do think that the truth Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated has universal significance, whatever your religious tradition or spiritual outlook may be. I think it’s particularly useful and necessary to understand Jesus in the context of his times and his stated purpose. Jesus wasn’t too concerned with the Gentiles because they did not have the stumbling blocks that the religious crowd had. This seems to give some evidence that we’d all be on the right path by following the truth and Spirit within us if it weren’t for the religious mindset that sends us down rabbit trails.

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