Maybe you think Jesus is a fabrication (can we talk?)


Heck, you can conclude that Jesus is irrelevant, worthless, and mainly a fabrication of the Christian religion. And if you are someone who was presented a version of Jesus like I got, I would understand you feeling this way. But one reason I wrote Inner Anarchy is because I feel like Jesus got a raw deal because of his association with the Christian religion. Once I separated the two, I discovered that the truth Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated was pretty damn amazing, and meant to show us how to birth a new age and world – not just for some special and exclusive religious club of believers, but every single one of us together!

The truth that Jesus lived and died for has been buried beneath layer upon layer of religious reasoning to the point that when it actually comes out you hardly recognize it and struggle to accept it because it feels like a violation of what you’ve learned. If you are seriously going to embrace the truth Jesus expressed, be aware that the religious folk are going to be the first ones to give you hell about it. That’s how it was for Jesus; it will likely be that way for you as well. On the other hand, Jesus held out hope that the religious folk would come around. I see evidence of this in my life. Back in the day, I would have been the first person to lambaste my book, Inner Anarchy.

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