Kicking over all pedestals (including mine)


We aren’t going to get anywhere unless each of us turns to the authority, life, source, and spirit that is within us, and we lift this out of ourselves by speaking it out in our own words. We are stuck in the mud as long as we insist on keeping our personality/guru-cult mentality going.

Let me put it as plainly as I know how.

There is nothing special about me or any teacher, leader, author, etc. You have the same exact thing inside of you that is within any of us, and to thesame degree. It is a level playing field. We are all equals. Rather than hanging on every word that some spiritual teacher spouts off, we need to become more attentive and confident with the truth that opens up inside us through our deep feelings. There are any number of external things that might trigger this opening within us, but we make the mistake of becoming attached to and dependent upon what/who triggered that inner dimension, forgetting that the reality is already within us. You are in no need for someone to teach you. The teacher is already within us. I’m not saying that we can’t help and encourage each other along, but if we become dependent on some external source/person than we have a problem. If the book Inner Anarchy doesn’t turn you toward that spirit and dimension within you and bolster your confidence in what lies within you, than I would consider the book an epic fail.

I know how this works. I was once the superstar Christian leader that people turned to and depended on. There was a time when I was building the Jim Palmer Kingdom. Sure, I was impacting people’s lives, and this was all well and good… as long as my name was front and center. After writing Divine Nobodies, I could see that being an author had the same potential for my building a Jim Palmer Kingdom – superstar/ego trip.

Look, I didn’t write Inner Anarchy as the “next Jim Palmer book.” I’m dead serious about inner anarchy, and birthing the new age and world. This is going to require everyone to operate in ways that perhaps are a little unfamiliar. Some of us need to come down off our pedestals, and others need to stop putting people up on them.

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  1. Danny Randall says:

    Amen to this!!!!!

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