10 mindsets to set on fire


10 mindsets that rule us from within that we must tear down to the ground:

1. I am separated from God.
2. I am inherently bad.
3. I can’t trust what I feel deep inside me.
4. This world is hopeless and beyond transformation.
5. I have to die to get to heaven.
6. There are people and groups in this world who are the enemies.
7. There is no possibility or basis for uniting people together as one.
8. Whatever I do ultimately makes little difference.
9. One day the answer and solution will fall down out of the sky.
10. I lack the capability and power to birth a new reality.

Latest Comments

  1. pettinato49 says:

    Reblogged this on A Great Capacity to Dream and commented:
    These are a lot of the thoughts that I have daily but have never put into list form. 3 is most relevant in my life and 5/9 aren’t really me but the rest hit the nail on the head.

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