Time to fly FFR – Feeling Flight Rules


There are two kinds of aircraft navigational systems – VFR and IFR.

VFR (visual flight rules) is where one makes tracking decisions based on what they can visually see and then act accordingly. It is reliant upon having a clear horizon view. The other is IFR (instrument flight rules) where we cannot see a clear horizon, or what is up ahead, so we fly on instruments that tell us what our position is, and we fly according to that information.

Most of us operate our lives under IFR guidance systems. That means our course is already plotted, or programmed into our minds and we automatically react accordingly. Our reactions are very predictable. Almost like robots – we know how various people will react before they open their mouths. We are on an auto pilot ruled by systems that are fixed in our minds, and they are far from being infallible. There is no universal agreement among the various system designers either, which only drive us humans apart. Many of the parameters we use to keep us on a straight and level course, are, at best, only guesses. We regularly spin out when things get complex!

So, I have a suggestion.

How about trying VFR? Actually, many people are doing this today. They are attempting to switch off their auto pilots and fly hands on. They are taking over their own lives and attempting to “fly” a course based on what they can see with their eyes and senses. But this is dodgy because there are times where visibility gets very cloudy and we can easily spin out again. What gives? Now what? We don’t want to go back to the IFR system.

How about this: FFR! Feeling Flight Rules! This is where we become conscious of that mind/Spirit deep within us so when we run into a situation that requires us to make an in-flight decision we ask ourselves, “Now what do I truly feel?”

It bubbles up from within and that’s what we acknowledge and that is where we head. When we fly FFR we are plugged into that life/source/Spirit deep within us, and it leads us out of the cloud, the murkiness, the turbulence of this crazy world to wide open skies of happiness, love, peace and life forever.

Just reach down and turn on that switch to connect yourself with those deep feelings… and fly!

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