The grace movement (and why it is NOT finished)


I’ve been pondering the various “grace” movements. The focus is on the idea that “it is finished,” and everyone is okay with God because of what Jesus did.

In my view, this fact is rather self-evident. Humankind has never been separated from God. Jesus said, “I am the truth,” which is God and humankind as one. The life, source, and Spirit of Jesus runs through us all. So far, so good.

And yet, I’m a bit concerned about the “it is finished” mentality, and how it is sometimes applied.

Finished? This world is a frickin mess! Does our current situation seem “finished” to you?

It’s not enough to say that we are all good with God, and can  kick back now and wait for Heaven. The reality is that it is NOT finished in a very essential way. The shoe that still has to drop is turning toward the life, source, and Spirit that is within us and lifting it up out of ourselves and into the world. The “finished” part is not what the physical Jesus did 2000 years ago, but what the “Jesus-Spirit” within us must do now.

This is not a time for basking in our divine acceptance, which has always been the case. The part that needs to happen is accessing that heaven dimension within us, and bringing it out into the world. Even if we are successful with the inner anarchy of dethroning the mindsets, beliefs, and ideologies ruling within us, we still are not going anywhere until we lift that Spirit up out of us. We access that dimension in and through our deep feelings. It’s the way we experience the Spirit opening up inside us. This is why I wrote Inner Anarchy. It’s time to take that step together now!

When Jesus said, “It is finished,” he was telling the world that there was nothing more for him to give. The text in John 19 says, “He bowed His head and gave up his spirit.” Gave up his spirit where? To/in us! This was the transition that had to take place – from the physical Jesus to the Jesus-Spirit within us, and us that lifting that Spirit up out of ourselves and into the world.

Yes, it’s true that for Jesus it was “finished,” but for us it’s only just begun.

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  1. encounterillumination says:

    This is exactly where I stopped short on my traditional religious journey. I kept wondering why I and others were led to believe once we accepted Christ as our personal saviour we were “ok”. I never really felt ok then. Now that I have a daily practice of meditation, yoga and all day long mindfulness I feel connected and constantly surrendering to what I should trust is bigger than my little mind can comprehend. I share the tools with others not because I know something they do not, but because I need to remind myself of the teachings of Jesus in conjunction with the Eastern wisdom, day in and day out. I must not fall asleep again!!! Bless your journey my friend xx

  2. Jake says:

    Jim, you make a good point. It’s like the use of the word sanctification in the NT. We find verses where it is a done deal, complete, and finishes, and then we also find that we are being sanctified, present tense, and finally verses that speak of the ultimate future sanctification that will be ours.
    I think that while there are some fringe people who have a lazy understanding of the finished work of Christ to mean “lets just coast and let life happen”, but those are a minority. I think that majority of the “it is finished” group are tying to help others see that there are elements of the ministry of Christ that are indeed finished, once for all. We do well to come to the point where we stand safe and secure in some elements of the finished work of Christ. Things like we have become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus – yet, if we don’t allow that very real righteousness impact our behaviour so that it too is expressed in righteousness we slap the finished work of Christ in the face as it were. Yet, even tough we have been changed we sometimes do behave unrighteously and when that happens we confess that it was sin and that it did not line up with our true reality and grow through that process and slowly as life on this planet goes on we find that we sin less and less and we express our righteousness in Christ more and more. The same should be true of our mindsets, ideologies and beliefs, etc, they should be in a process of becoming more in practical expression like the finished work.

  3. Robert Carroll says:

    Oh Gosh, I have so many things to say and it is hard to know where to start. Let me do this, as it is easier for me to construct my thoughts:

    1. I have read through a lot of your material, blog posts, Facebook posts, etc. I have spent a lifetime (I’m 43 years old) of asking the conflicting questions about modern Christianity but now I feel conflicted again because I have a church telling me one thing, and on the other hand, I hear what you are saying, and it causes me to ask; why should I listen to you and not to them? I am not a person that struggles this much with speaking my own truth, thoughts, and feelings. In fact, I tend to lie on the fringes of religion/Christianity because of this. So, when I read your material, there are things that resonate with me about the path of struggle I have been on regarding God, Jesus, Christianity, the world, and the reality of the contradictions this has created in my heart. But again, I ask; Why should I listen to you, and when do I listen to my own heart and tell both sides of the aisles to shut up?

    2. Grace, Forgiveness, and Sin. Sanctified, Purified, Child of God…The first two are a gift from God through the blood of Christ Jesus; being the redemption of sin and the grace we receive from the punishment we deserve. Logic and experience tells me that the continuous focus on the “sin” in a person’s life does nothing for the person but place a level of shame, control, guilt, and perpetuates or exacerbates the situation for a person’s life. When you give a person grace or forgiveness, it is done, To continue the exercise of rumination of the past, this does not allow for forward movement or growth, nor does holding the person in a state of fear or control by the constant reminder that they are perceived as broken, damaged, going to hell, or whatever other context is used as a de-constructive reminder. Freedom, love, grace, and especially Christ’s propensity towards going against the grain of society; do not follow suit with this focus on brain bashing, heart crushing, soul sucking, Christian destruction of the truth of freedom, grace, and forgiveness that Christ promises humanity if we follow him. Personally, I only read and study the Gospel of Christ, oh, and Isaiah. The rest of the Bible, while pertinent, God’s biggest move for the salvation of humanity was through Christ Jesus; and if he isn’t bringing Paul back into the world during the reclamation of civilization, well then…

    3. I think that is all I have for right now, thanks!

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