Are we up shit creek? (and how to get out of it)


People get stuck in all this heady/mental stuff, which is often the mindsets, beliefs and ideologies that have been programmed into us by the world and religion. So many people are still under the authority of that old world. Changing out or adding new and improved heady ideas and beliefs about God doesn’t change anything. Most of it is still coming from the same old powerless world. However, there is another world, realm, reality, “Kingdom” that is within us. It is a different authority, consciousness, source and dimension. This is the Spirit and Kingdom Jesus said is within us – the same Spirit and Kingdom that was within him. This dimension and awareness opens up and bubbles up through our deep feelings. I’m going to do a Jim Palmer paraphrase of something Jesus said: “We are all up shit creek until we start to link up on this deeper level – that Spirit within us.”

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  1. calledtoquestion says:

    This post made me envision a picture of Christians trying to find God, in order to be in his/her presence, by struggling up a stream in their boat(boat aka the church), madly paddling with their oars(oars aka the bible), but never realizing that all along God was the very stream that flowed beneath them in the opposite direction. Never realizing that all they had to do was release their oars, jump out of the boat and submerse themselves in the stream in order that they may carried by the stream and fully engulfed by the presence of God.

    Great thoughts

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