Why our religious hang-ups are killing us


The world is as it currently exists is being ruled by false, powerless, and corrupt mindsets, beliefs and ideologies. We’ve progressed about as far as we can inside the parameters of those mindsets and ideologies. There is nowhere else left to go! Now what? We have to dethrone and tear down every single one of these false mindsets, beliefs and ideologies. Hmmm. Where are all these mindsets, beliefs and ideologies operating? Societal institutions? Religions organizations? Government? Mass media? Educational system? NO! I’ll tell you where they are – in your head! Yes, that’s right – YOUR head… and mine. The revolution has to start with you… me… first. Jesus said, “Take out the log in your own eye before you get too self-righteous about the speck in someone else.” In other words, dethrone and tear down the false mindsets that are ruling within you, before you get all worked up about these mindsets are in others.

We get nowhere by swapping out a bunch of old mental God/religion ideas with a bunch of a new and improved ones. This is not a battle of beliefs, doctrines, and ideologies. The inner anarchy I am taking about is an epic shift in source – shifting from that mental religious/worldly reasoning in our head, and shifting to the Spirit-awareness/consciousness dimension within us us. This is how Jesus said we would find this “kingdom” he talked so much about.

What I’m talking about here is different. It’s going to require some new ways of being and operating. What typically happens is that people try to pour new wine into old wineskins. It doesn’t work. What I wrote in Inner Anarchy was not intended to be a new belief system but many people will relate to it this way because it’s what we know and how we do things. We’re not quite sure how to relate to something that doesn’t work like a belief system. This is not about adopting and debating more enlightening beliefs and doctrines blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. The inner anarchy I’m describing is about operating from a different source altogether. Unfortunately, religion cut many people off from that source. The future of our world depends on finding our way back to it.

Many people have so many religious hang-ups that they have difficulty accessing what’s real in their deep feelings. In fact, just the mention of “feelings” causes warning sirens to sound because of the way we have been programmed by religion. As I wrote in Inner Anarchy, there is a very real persona or Spirit consciousness within us. Don’t let the words trip you up. It’s not some woo-woo weird thing. It’s actually a very natural reality, which is why Jesus said you must become like a little child to grab a hold of it. Unfortunately, religion has cut people off from this place. When we start operating in that reality we will find it is a very free atmosphere where people’s facades come down, and we are free to express it and share in it together.

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