Jesus is not in the sky


The above picture pretty much sums up why the world is in the mess that we are. People are gazing up into the sky, thinking God is located up there somewhere, along with our salvation, power, guidance, freedom, and well-being.

The Christian religion taught us to look up into the sky to find God and Jesus there, while Jesus himself taught people to look within themselves. This is one of the false mindsets I wrote about in Inner Anarchy: “Jesus often spoke of the necessity of his death, which upset his closest followers. Jesus explained that his death was a necessary step to shift their attachment from the physical Jesus to his Spirit—that higher spiritual presence inside them. Unfortunately, the Christian religion has failed to make this shift; they pay homage and place the focus on the physical Jesus but have not turned toward or manifested that higher spiritual presence within them.”

The salvation of our world is not going to fall down out of the sky. Heaven is not a location with streets of gold above the clouds. The salvation we are waiting for and the heaven we imagine is not somewhere over the rainbow but is inside each of us! Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated this 2,000 years ago, and then we proceeded to hijack his message and called it “Christianity.”

Latest Comments

  1. Fred Elliott says:

    Thanks Again.

  2. calledtoquestion says:

    Thanks to the Romans for turning Christ into Christianity.

  3. jim hibbett says:

    BTW. This does not mean that the object of projection is not ‘real’ or to be highly valued. Jesus, and other spiritual giants, would not have received such projections if they had not been exceptionally spiritually advanced humans. But the most important thing we learn from this kind of understanding is the real values that lie within us are. If we projected something on an ‘other’, for good or bad, we had that in us to start with. The presence of the object or idea of projection did not put it there, it was already present in us. A common strong example.. when we fall head over heels it love we are in a very true sense falling love with ourselves, something in us is being projected onto another, likely more initially than with the real person of our projection. It is not mistake that says, ‘love is blind’, at least at first.

  4. jim hibbett says:

    This comment was suppose to come before the BTW one above: I think this is an excellent and much needed insight. This process of ‘withdrawing the projection’ and thus less real ‘attachment’ to persons and objects of admiration is a much wider applicable possibility and need than just ‘withdrawing our inner God archetype’ from the physical Jesus. Most all our sense of ‘knowing’ any physical object or idea is actually an inner psychological image that we project onto whatever the actual ‘other’ reality is. We also project the bad or negative, even evil within us onto outside ‘other’ persons and ideas.(remember our nation’s obsession with communism as the evil of evils?) So finding ways to be aware of and learning to practice withdrawing projections, ‘attachments’ seems to be the important spiritual/psychological work of our present times. I think this is happening more and more even when people are quite unaware of what is going on, they just may know that what they used to think was very important and even eternal is not like that for them anymore. An inner based projection has broken down, they are no longer emotionally attached.

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