Dear Jim (and all Christian leaders): Time to pull our heads out


It is an epic mistake to assume that the traditional teachings of the Christian church accurately represent who Jesus was and what he was about. Jesus got a raw deal in the Christian religion. People have been trained to understand Jesus within a faulty religious framework. Outside that framework, a very different picture emerges. For example, Jesus did NOT: start the Christian religion; view human beings as “sinners”; die in order to rescue people from God; or establish a spiritual hierarchy of “clergy” and “laity.”

The Christian religion taught people to look up into the sky to find God and Jesus there, while Jesus himself told people to look within themselves. The salvation of our world is not going to fall down out of the sky, and heaven is not a city of gold beyond the clouds. The salvation we are waiting for and the heaven we imagine is not somewhere over the rainbow but inside each of us! Jesus said this 2,000 years ago before he was hijacked by the Christian establishment. This is why I wrote Inner Anarchy. I am in this for the birth of a new age and world, and I believe humankind is ready. However, there are false worldly and religious beliefs, mindsets and ideologies that are ruling us from within, and blocking the way forward. Buried beneath all those layers of beliefs, mindsets and ideologies is the only true source that has the power to get us out of this mess but right now we’re stuck. Inner Anarchy was meant to be a case of dynamite to blast a decent-sized hole through all the BS so we can get out, and save ourselves and the world. Look, I know I’m coming down pretty hard on the Christian religion in all this. I’m the first one to admit that I myself was the Christian leader who was guilty of preaching a powerless gospel and keeping people locked up in a mentality and belief system that leads nowhere. It doesn’t have to be this way! Christian leaders everywhere need to pull our heads out of our asses and start realizing that WE (as in, I’m including myself) have been blocking the way for everyone and now need to be at the front of the line, leading the jail break to freedom. This is the Jesus we claim we represent!!

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  1. Marty McCoy says:

    Sorry Jim, but you remind me of a cult leader wannabe. You are no different than David Koresh, Jim Jones, Sun Myung Moon, Mary Baker Eddy or Joseph Smith. You have apostatized from the truth of God’s Word and your book, which I had the opportunity to read, is nothing but a book that you hope would supplant the Bible, God’s Holy Word as truth. It is akin to the Book of Mormon. You are a humanist, pure and simple. I am not sure what happened to you to cause you to leave the faith, but I pray for our HEAVENLY Father (not some inner spiritual deity) that he will convict you and bring you back to the truth.

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      God loves you too, Marty.

      • marmac2768 says:

        Sure he does, I absolutely believe that. The only question I have for you is “which God do you believe loves me?” The God of the Bible, who sent his son to die for my sins on a cruel cross or the “make believe” god that you serve? I am trying to be as kind as possible to you, but your god is a “feel good god” that would never send a person to a literal Hell where they would burn forever and ever, is he? Your god is accepting of everyone no matter if they wish to be forgiven or not. Your god did not send his only born son to die for our sins, because our sins are not what separates us from god. Your god looks at all of us as “poor pitiful creatures who don’t mean to be bad”. You god is the god of the old Oak Ridge Boys god who said, “C’mon in! There’s a little bit of me in you and a little bit of you in me”. What a travesty!! I worship the God of the Bible, who sent his son to die for me on a cruel cross and raised him the third day for our salvation. And “whosoever believeth in him, SHALL NOT PERISH, but have everlasting life”. However, the same God who will say to those who have rejected him, “Depart from me, ye cursed, into EVERLASTING FIRE, prepared for the Devil and his angels.” That is the God who loves me, not some “cosmic god” of your own making.

      • jimpalmer1 says:

        Marty, it really saddens me that you believe what you’re preaching is the truth about God, Jesus, or the Bible. I’ve spent years helping people who have been deeply damaged by the views you are espousing. It would perhaps help if you qualified your comments with a statement that these are your own personal interpretations of the Bible.

  2. Robert Carroll says:

    See what I mean…The amount of pointed anger and vindication of hell fire and damnation? This is the message of love and freedom from religion that Christ was sent to earth to deliver? No wonder people look at this hateful and anger driven condemnation and say no thanks!!! Oh boy, Marty just made me turn my life over to the church that will be responsible for sending my soul to hell or heaven!! I tend to stay out of the Paul the Apostle books and chapters for the direction of Christ in my life, as Paul’s mission moved away from making disciples to making churches, and it is here that the mission of Christ was lost.

  3. Robert Carroll says:

    Churches became political entities with a say in the courts and hierarchies of civilizations and communities; and eventually, in the politics of countries. I was recently asked by a friend in seminary..if you were to die tomorrow and standing at the throne of God waiting to enter heaven…the moment of judgement and God asks you; Why should I let you into heaven, Robert? As if my answer to this person would define me as a worthy human being, more importantly, that this person was so full of arrogance that he felt I required to share my deepest intimate most sacred moment with God and quantify it with some off the top of my head answer to rectify the fear in his mind that I was not somehow on the path to heaven! Who, in God’s name do you think you are, to qualify my soul to the kingdom of God? That is between me and God, and me and God alone!!

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