On being called Jim Jones (and the need for inner anarchy)


Hello, friends.

Just popping in with a brief update on things. So, it’s been a few weeks since Inner Anarchy has been released. The responses span the full spectrum, including the accusation of being a cult leader and likened to David Koresh and Jim Jones.

What’s been particularly interesting is how the book is getting around the globe. This morning I received an email from someone who runs an outdoors adventure lodge in New Zealand. One of the river guides got the book and is passing it around to his friends there. Currently Inner Anarchy is being translated into French, Slovak, and Portuguese. The Inner Anarchy Facebook Group has folks from all over the world, which makes it especially meaningful and lots of fun. I’m focusing quite a bit on that group. The plan is to develop and expand it in some different ways. Anyone can be in the group. The only prerequisite is that you’ve read Inner Anarchy, and feel comfortable with the content. The group isn’t about arguing and debating theology, and more about supporting one another in true togetherness and the kind of inner anarchy I talk about in the book.

I’ve been in conversations with folks who are humanists and Atheists, and we are finding lots of common ground to discuss and ponder. To be honest, in many ways I connect with these folks better than most because they are not all hung up in religion, and tend to be more free and independent thinking types. One thing I’m finding is that most of the world understands Jesus only through the lens of the Christian religion. In most cases this is quite unfortunate for Jesus and the world. Inner Anarchy offers a very different picture of Jesus that I believe matters for the whole world and our current situation, whatever your religious tradition or no belief in “God” at all.

I was asked to participate in a new/different social media platform that is currently in its beta testing phase. I’m really liking the idea behind it and how it’s working. It’s related to my friends over at TED.

I would say give Inner Anarchy a chance. I know the book has been the center of much controversy but I want to ask you to read it with an open heart and mind, and see what you come up with. It’s available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

The Inner Anarchy Group is a “secret” group on Facebook. If you read it, and want to be in the group, send me an email or private FB message, and include your regular email address so I can send the invite.

Here are a few posts about the book you might find useful:

About Inner Anarchy

A five step plan for reading Inner Anarchy without being caught

Latest Comments

  1. Paulette says:

    Jim, the world and the universe operates on a polarity, north south, push pull, any yes has a no, looking at the responses to your book through the lens of polarity these responses should not be a surprise.
    Through the expression of one grows the voice of another. It is only that an opposite and difference and unagreement this is what make up our world and the universe.
    Embrace the differences and cherish the voice we can only grow through this experience.
    Thesis, antithesis becomes synthesis.

  2. lenavdh@lando.co.za says:

    Hi Jim Palmer

    Please put my name on the list – I want to join the “Secret group” Inner Anarchy. My e-mail as above – lenavdh@lando.co.za

    I am still trying to get hold of the book. Our Postal service in South Africa was on a long “strike” but back on track – BUT we want to make sure before ordering from Amazon. Our own Kalahari.com do stock your other books and we are (I am) waiting to see if they can get hold of “Inner Anarchy”. They deliver at home via private transport – a better option.

    But cannot wait to read the book – I know I will just love it!!

    Thank you

    Lena van den Heever
    South Africa


    Sent via my BlackBerry from Vodacom – let your email find you!

  3. marmac2768 says:

    Very interesting! You have a closed group to discuss the book and you don’t want anything from someone who HAS read the book and wants to criticize your theology (which is NO theology at all). I find that very interesting, you don’t want to be challenged on your thoughts, just agreement from the sheep.

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      Yes, it’s a closed group. And in our next meeting I’m going to be passing out the Jim Jones Kool-Aid. Geesh, Marty, really? Consider the possibility of doing something more useful like loving people. I think Jesus said that this was the chief characteristic of his followers. Surely we can agree on that.

  4. Rachael Babcock says:

    Hi Jim, Can you please add me to the secret FB group? Thanks.

    Rachael Babcock


    Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2014 15:43:40 +0000 To: rachaelbabcock@hotmail.com

  5. james says:

    Jim if the Kool- Aid will wash away all the religion that has clouded my mind about Jesus then pour me a double. People are hungry for to hear about the true kingdom of God….

  6. Jo White says:

    Jim – LOVE the new book (and all the others!)
    Please add me to the secret FB group.
    My e-mail address is: graceamazed2@aol.com

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