The art of inner anarchy


My good friend and artist Donna Willis Kinnaird created the first painting (see above) to express the spirit of the book Inner Anarchy. There are a few symbols in the painting that have special significance, including the raven. It’s a 24 x 24 x 2 acrylic on canvas. 

There are some out there who are declaring war on the world in the name of God, religion, politics, power and personal gain. What we need instead is to declare war on those beliefs, mindsets and ideologies that are ruling us from within, dividing human beings each other, and putting our planet and people at risk of extinction. This is why I wrote Inner Anarchy, and what I’m sharing everywhere I go.

We have to tear down the one, and lift up the other. We have to push away the stone that is blocking the way and lift up out of ourselves what saves ourselves and the world.

This is not for the faint of heart. Jesus got killed for doing this and living this way. It’s not going to be a bed of roses. You become a threat the minute you begin start questioning and discarding those religious and cultural narratives, and start turning to that authority inside yourself.

The “inner anarchy” I am talking about is a shift in source. Shifting from those cultural and religious narratives programmed in our heads, and turning toward those deep feelings that emanate from that “kingdom of heaven” within us. Don’t get hung up on the words identifying it. I think Jesus used these words to point out that it is a very real persona, dimension, source, mind, consciousness within us. A new world unfolds as we speak to each other from those deep feelings, and lift them up out of us into the world. We can lift those feelings out in our talking to one another. We can lift those feelings out through art, music, poetry, and many many other ways. I want to challenge us all to do this today and every day – to life those deep feelings out of us in concrete ways.

If you’ve read Inner Anarchy and are interested in joining a group of folks who are encouraging and supporting one another on this path, let me know.

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  1. Dead Ned's Head says:

    Nice symbol. Reminds me of Star Trek.

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