The secret anarchy group


We started an Inner Anarchy Group on Facebook, and the group is growing. It is a “secret” group by invite only. Facebook groups have some limitations and we are currently scouting out some community forum platforms so we can organize the many conversations happening in the group right now, and make it a little easier for folks to search out topics and conversations of interest and participate. If you have read Inner Anarchy, comfortable with the content and want to be in the group, leave me a comment or send me an email with your email address, and I will send you an invite.

There is no cost to be in the group. It’s a great group of people so far – lots of fun and creative folks, free-thinkers, and people who are serious about the path of inner anarchy. It’s a diverse group with a lot of openness, understanding, empathy and a encouraging/supportive spirit. In a nutshell, the group is for those are compelled to dethrone the false mindsets that have been ruling us from within, and to turn toward what is real in our deep feelings and that Spirit/”heavenly” dimension within us. This is a group about nurturing a real an authentic togetherness among us, and supporting one another as we operate out of that deep-feeling dimension within us and courageously lift that reality out of ourselves and into the world.

We are currently working through Inner Anarchy, chapter by chapter, and today I posted the topic for conversation related to the third chapter. I have it posted below to give you a feel for the kinds of conversations we are having.

“You could sum up Chapter Three of Inner Anarchy this way:

No person, no God, no religion, no belief-system or ideology, no political philosophy or party, no scientific discovery, no medical or technological advancement, no amount of humanitarian aid or effort… can save us or our world.

It’s not that none of these have any merit. Of course they do. Modern medicine, science and technology have made extraordinary contributions to humankind, and humanitarian aid has alleviated a lot of human suffering. But despite all our advancements and efforts in every field and endeavor, the underlying condition of the world remains unchanged. In other words, all those efforts are not touching the root problem.

I wrote in Inner Anarchy:

“It makes no difference where you turn. Religion is no different from politics, which is no different from science, which is no different from our education system, which is no different from pop culture, which is no different from . . . you name it! They have all been infected by the same false premises, and we have been indoctrinated by them. The enemy is not someone or something out there, but is inside each of us in the form of these beliefs.”


“We have to wake up! It is time to overthrow the system of ideas that rules our world and fills our heads.

Instead, what we have done so far is replace old ideas with new ones, but the new ideas are as contaminated as the old ones, because they originate from the same source. The inner anarchy we need is a change in source.”

Let me give you an example. If right now we began to lift up out of us those deep feelings that bubble up from that Spirit/”heavenly” dimension within us, than our world would experience an authentic and powerful togetherness like we have never seen or known, and the problems that are afflicting humankind and our world today would be gone. However, no amount of religion, politics, science, and humanitarianism can substitute. Without that true togetherness we are just spinning our wheels and postponing the inevitable hardship, crisis, tragedy and doom that are constantly cycling through despite all our efforts.

Nothing is going to truly change in our world until this switch in source happens. I keep beating this drum but it’s difficult to get this point across because people have an over inflated appraisal of what can be done through our human knowledge, efforts and good-intentions. Once we transform the essential parameters of our world, than our efforts in fields such as science and cosmology will explode in ways we never imagined. But until we transform those parameters we are only beating our heads against the wall… doing the same thing over and over and over and over again, and expecting a different result.

This is the challenge before us. It’s too easy to get all locked up in our heads even in our spiritual and enlightened conversations. This is not going to get worked out in our heads and trying to cobble together the most enlightening ides we can come up with. All we have to do is become like children, turn to those deep feelings within us, and lift them out of us. This is all very disappointing to our egos, which want to work it out the other way.

How can we go about this? What would it look like to become those children and start lifting those deep feelings out of us?”

**Edit to add: the group has grown quite a bit as of this blog post, and we may need to move to a community forum platform as soon as we can work one out. If you are interested in the group but don’t get an invite right away, just give it a day or two. Thanks for your patience 🙂

Latest Comments

  1. Beatrice Hair says:

    I am family friends with Earney Walker and have been for 20 years. I think outside the box in many areas in my life. My work is a school I founded. The Salisbury Tutoring Academy has has a website

  2. LAD myself . com says:

    Please add me to the secret group on facebook. Ang Dee  

    Sent: Friday, December 12, 2014 at 12:01 PM

  3. Jim says:

    Hi Jim, would love to be a part of and learn from others in the group who have read your book. I have it but not read it yet, so far i have followed all your posts and can relate to what you are saying. I really feel you have to have the indwelling of the Spirit to understand the deep things (mysteries of God) you are showing to everyone who have ears to hear.

  4. mervyn says:

    good stuff just discovering this conversation !!! more please….

  5. james says:

    James, please add me to the group.. My email address is

  6. Lorie says:

    Jim I would love to be a part of this group…

  7. cherokeebabe71 says:

    Have just found you on FB because of a mutual friend ..! .. So haven’t read your book(s) . Can say I have been reading every available artarticles, blogs, etc. …I Definitely …want in ..I will go down to our local book store this Eve …..

    Very excited to hear & actually see . What I’ve felt from way down deep ..for long time …I seem to be set apart from all that are around Me …LOL ..yet they still hang ..& maybe in WONDER !!! ” ARE YOU FOR REAL ” …LOL ..
    Hope to be participating soon …!!!


  8. Vonnie says:

    Jim, I haven’t yet read Inner Anarchy! I’m still working through your other books…it’s just me needing to know how you got to Inner Anarchy. But I do want in on the discussion. Keep talking brother because I’m listening!

  9. Anna says:

    I’d like to be added to the FB Group –

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