The Sunday Morning Inner Anarchist


Sunday morning anarchist thoughts:

Someone asked me, “Do You FEEL there is something we can do MORE than throw off this “world,” live from the Heart, BE the example — never backing down ALL THE WHILE getting in people’s faces and gently screaming, “Dammit, get out of your head and get over yourself, and hurry up and become that simple child”?”

My response was:

“YES, YES, YES – that’s it!!! It’s simple isn’t it? But it’s hard as hell because of how we have been trained. It is also quite alien to what is happening in the world now.”


Rather than appealing to or arguing against some religious or spiritual belief system or quoting what others have said about spiritual things or engaging in all kinds of heady/mental discussions about this or that spiritual belief or idea, or reading more books and joining more groups to accumulate more spiritual data, ideas and knowledge… what if we turned toward what is real in our deep feelings, and began speaking from those deep feelings to each other?


The reason why there is needless suffering in the world is because people are operating out of that cosmos source – those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that rule within us. The only cure for this is turning toward that higher source within us that we connect with through those deep feelings that bubble up from within us. Nothing… NOTHING… is going to change until we turn toward that source and lift it up out of ourselves. How do we do this? We speak from those deep feelings to each other… we act on the authority of what those deep feelings show us. That is the only way things change. It’s so simple and natural that a child can do it, but we adults instead are all wound up in our head. Hatred, violence, injustice, greed, and bigotry is what happens when people are ruled within by those beliefs, mindsets, narratives, and ideologies. We aren’t helping matters if all we’re doing is plugging into the same source. That shift of source has to happen. This is the inner anarchy we need! It’s what Jesus said was the key to accessing the “kingdom of heaven” within us and birthing a reality where things are “on earth as it is in heaven.” It’s so simple but by golly we will do every other feasible thing but that!


Years ago I started imagining what our reality and world would might like if we/humankind was “governed” by that higher spiritual source within us (pp. 196,197 in Wide Open Spaces). Every system of control instituted by man since the beginning of time wouldn’t be necessary – government, military, police… our current financial/fiduciary systems, etc… I think some of the alternatives that anarchy envisions – direct action, self-organization, mutual aid, free/voluntary association could be expressions of a new togetherness that breaks onto the scene. All of our human intelligence, brilliance and ingenuity means nothing if we don’t unshackle it from those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that are running the show within us.


An FAQ was created for Inner Anarchy.

Latest Comments

  1. Jo White says:

    Jim, I agree what you are saying about needing to leave old mindsets, beliefs, etc. behind and to go WITHIN (rather than to external sources to find the Kingdom of Heaven, but I disagree that doing that is so easy a child can do it. It is a long, difficult process and one of the hardest things I have ever done! (I’ve been on that journey out of Christianity for several years now.) I have found that we really do need to be talking to other spiritual seekers as we go through that process. It isn’t something you can just do at the drop of a hat. It takes a LOT of bouncing ideas off each other, grieving losses (especially loss of community), and forming community with people open to all kinds of spiritual/metaphysical ideas. The point I want to make is this: you can’t just keep telling people to change their mindset/beliefs without giving them some ideas on HOW to do that.

    • jimpalmer1 says:

      Jo, I didn’t say it was easy. In fact, in the first part of the post I said it is “hard as hell.” What I said is that it is “simple,” which it is. I don’t think there is a formula on how to do it. As someone said in the Inner Anarchy Group today – “I’ve been giving this sharing my deep feelings from the heart a go.”

  2. Audrey Garratt says:

    Hi Jim, Could you please put me on the mailing list for the Inner Anrchy discussion group, many thanks, A

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