How do you do inner anarchy?


I’ve had a lot of people emailing and messaging me about how to do inner anarchy – how to tear down those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies ruling within us, and how to access and connect with that deep-feeling source within us.

In terms of tearing down those ruling mindset/belief-powers within us, I wrote a lot about this in my fourth book before Inner Anarchy, which is titled: Notes from (Over) the Edge: Unmasking the Truth to End Your Suffering. The deal is that we have 20/30/40/50+ years of living our lives with those false inner religious and worldly beliefs and ideologies running the show. They have become so ingrained in us that we don’t even see them. We have built up a huge mass of habit energy, and the inertia of it drives us forward and runs our lives. We have a titanic-sized mass of bullshit in our heads and in the driver’s seat of our lives. I wrote a tremendous amount in Notes from (Over) the Edge about these particular issues – how to break the power of that habit energy in your life. 

I think the whole language of “feelings” when I talk about “deep feelings” in terms of inner anarchy can be a bit confusing to sort out.

Take me for example. I went through quite a pendulum swing from spending most of my life being shut down emotionally and feeling nothing, to finally facing and addressing many of my wounds and scars, which resulted in all kinds of intense and volatile emotions that I gushed out everywhere. I have always been a person who feels things deeply but those kinds of feelings have mostly been attached to those wounded mindsets within me. For example, during my severe codependency years it was my codependency that was driving those emotions. It has often been the case that dysfunctional mindsets have been driving the rollercoaster ride of the feelings I cycle through over the course of a day.

I wrote quite a bit about these kinds of things in Notes from (Over) the Edge and offered some practical tools for sorting through it. Each of us have all kinds of feelings and emotions that shift and change over the course of a day, and most of them are attached to and conditioned and governed by the beliefs, mindsets, stories, etc. in our head. So, that’s one aspect of who we are. We should not disown or condemn that part of us and there are ways of properly sorting through and relating to that aspect of our human personhood.

But when I speak of “deep feelings” in the context of inner anarchy, I am not referring to those kinds of human emotions. There actually is a source, consciousness, spirit, dimension (however you describe it) within us that is pure, untainted, free, powerful, and whole. That dimension is not accessed in or through the machinations and processes in our head. Instead, it becomes real to us in what I have referred to as “deep feelings.” It is different from the shifting and changing emotions we are continuously cycling through. The “deep feelings” I’m speaking of have a different substance, weight, and persona to them. They have real power and authority to them. It’s real… in a way that you feel it is the most real thing there is. You can’t explain it but you know it deeply.

If you have read Inner Anarchy and would like to join the Inner Anarchy LiveJournal Community, leave me a comment or send me an email and I will send you an invite. The purpose of the group is to dive into topics and discussions just like this.

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  1. Christina says:

    Hi Jim! It’s Christina Deon Hall from FB. I’m in the midst of reading Inner Anarchy right now. I’m so glad you got it out there. I def need to revisit Notes from over the edge as it is easy to fall back into habits that are so tortuous! Please add me to the group. Thank you! Christina

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