Why not live what is real? #inneranarchy


Are you planning to live an externally-authored or internally-authored life today? The externally-authored life is a life that is governed and ruled by external sources. It’s all the stuff that you have absorbed into your head from sources outside yourself. It’s a concept/belief-driven life with all kinds of false religious and worldly mindsets, beliefs, narratives, stories and ideologies that are ruling you from within. It’s living from your head. Expect lots of strife and stress with living this way. All that stuff in your head is going to put you at odds with yourself, others, and life itself. All day it will be a clash of belief and mindsets. That’s one option, and many people you cross paths with today will be living that life.

The other option is to live and internally-authored life today. It’s a life where the real you is running the show. It involves turning within to what is real in your deep feelings – trusting it, following it, speaking it and being it. It’s living life today in, as, and from the real you. It’s a very free and natural way of living. You will find as you operate out of what is real in your deep feelings that you have joy. Being in that place is a very uplifting atmosphere within you. You will notice you have no true conflict with any person, and you will approach others, the world and life in a completely different way. You may notice that how you’re living is very different from what everyone else around you is doing. People may even disapprove. But you hold fast because you know that the internally-authored life – living life in and from what is real in your deep feelings – is aiding the liberation of all humankind. Living the real along the everyday paths of life is what saves this world. And so you keep putting one foot in front of the other… lifting up out of you what is real.

Latest Comments

  1. encounterillumination says:

    I am on board, Jim!! For me a mindfulness meditation practice was the turning point. I need a DAILY PRACTICE of awareness to stay TRUE to my inner aliveness. Bless your journey my friend!!!!

  2. Danny Randall says:

    I needed that reminder today! Thanks man!

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