How the Christian religion dropped the ball #inneranarchy


“The Christian church has constructed a belief system that denies and twists the powerful spiritual truths that Jesus taught and lived, and in so doing has preached a powerless gospel that has led countless people into a religious maze that goes nowhere. Our colossal error was telling people that they are inherently bad, separated from God, and should not trust what is inside them.

For the past two thousand years the Christian religion has been the immovable stone that has sealed off the tomb of the eternal life-giving Spirit within us. Christian leadership can’t even come to a unified agreement and oneness among themselves. Surely that fact alone gives us grounds to rethink a few things.

I was once one of those religious leaders. As I mentioned in the first chapter, I was the seminary graduate with a master of divinity degree. I was the successful senior pastor whom people turned to for truth. I was the religious leader and Bible expert whom people trusted. But I was the one who preached that powerless gospel, held up that carrot and the stick, handcuffed people to that false God, misrepresented Jesus, and misused the Bible—all the while claiming to be divinely anointed. I was sincere in doing all of these things, but I was sincerely wrong and ignorant.

This is an appeal to others out there like me. We are the “priesthood” that dropped the ball. We created quite the clusterfuck that has led people in circles for centuries. We have sufficiently buried the entire spiritual dimension that could have saved this world beneath layer upon layer of theological doctrines, worldly mindsets, and religious constructs that have no power. We have conditioned people into a dependency upon external things—Sky God (aka “Father”), the institutional Christian system (aka “church”), religious dogma (aka “Bible”), and religious gurus (aka “pastors,” “authors,” “spiritual leaders,” and “teachers”)—and have failed to connect people to the eternal, life-giving Spirit within them.”

– Jim Palmer, Inner Anarchy

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  1. jim says:

    Brother can you lighten up on the profanity….I appreciate all that you do but I dont understand why you have to use profanity to get your point across. We were created in his image, his likeness and I dont think the creator would use the F- bomb to get his point across.

    From the heart with love


  2. jim says:

    Jesus could get his point across without opening his mouth, and yes I have read the gospels. Brother I have all your books and I bought 3 copies of inneranarchy. I stand with you when it comes to religion. It can be a hard transition from religion to truth, I hope you dont scare people off with your choice of words.

    With love


    • jimpalmer1 says:

      Jim, it’s not a normal part of my communication. My use of the F-bomb has probably happened two or three times over the course of five books and hundreds of blog posts. I will keep it in mind.

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