Stop acquiescing!


We are suffering from mutual acquiescence. It is the social adhesive that cements the bricks of oppression which structure our daily lives into a wall of domination. False religious and worldly beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies do their business in our heads… and we let them.

We must ferment disorder – that is, destabilize all those false beliefs, mindsets and ideologies that have been ruling in our head. How? We turn away from them. We start listening to, trusting and following what is real in our deep feelings.

It is not true that if people are left to their own devices than they are corrupt and will do corrupt things. This is what the systems of this world want people to believe in order to legitimize their existence. What is corrupt are the notions, beliefs, and mindsets that have been programmed into our heads. If each of us began to listen, trust and follow what is real in our deep feelings than we could birth a world and leave all those systems behind.

There is a physical manifestation of us learning to lift up what is real within our deep feelings. When we start speaking to one another from that dimension and following what is real deep inside us, a new atmosphere will open up and an authentic togetherness will break onto the scene. What happens from there is probably beyond what any of us can imagine. What I am finding along the everyday paths of life is that there all kinds of people who feel like something is shifting and are open for something new to happen. I think they feel it inside themselves but not quite sure what it is or what yet to make of it.

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