Stop arguing your beliefs!


It’s often the case that we have people with different belief systems battling each other. The way this works is that you attack what you consider false or detrimental beliefs in people by launching your so-called correct beliefs upon them. We can’t do this anymore. It doesn’t work.

First off, what we’re after can’t be worked out on the level of beliefs. Two people contending against each other with their beliefs are both part of the problem, regardless of how enlightened and progressive one might consider their beliefs to be. If we use belief systems to attack other belief systems then we are both stuck in the same corrupted cosmos realm. They are actually the same power source, and it get’s us nowhere.

There is never any real conflict between any of us… ever. Any significant conflict that happens between human beings is happening on the level of beliefs. There is never any conflict between the real you and the real me, and this applies to all of us. Any significant conflict that happens is happening behind the scenes on the level of the beliefs we are dragging around. What we have is a battle against belief systems, not other humans, although they will be manifesting these beliefs. People all over the world are being ruled and driven within by all kinds of beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies. The way out of this is not to attack each other on this level.

So what do we do? We switch sources. We have to get out of this belief-system mentality and speak from what is real in our deep feelings. When we operate from that source we are activating that dimension within us that has true power an authority. That same source you are speaking from is also within them, which opens the possibility of you and that person connecting on a real level. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to happen and they may keep operating out of their heads, but at least you open that door of possibility that could have an impact in that moment or later.

The world and humankind is currently in gridlock because people are fighting things out on the level of belief-systems. You and I have to bust up that game! Firstly, we have to stop playing this game ourselves! Get out of your head and stop trying to battle against people with your new and improved and more enlightened belief system or philosophy. Instead, turn to what is real in your deep feelings and speak from them. Make the switch! Let fly what is real in our deep feelings and don’t fret over it. Speaking from that place has power and authority, and you have the whole “kingdom of heaven” behind you.

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