The guts of the inner anarchy message


In a nutshell the Inner anarchy message involves the following things.

First, it involves turning away from those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that have been ruling our lives from within. For example, one of the false narratives that rule people’s lives is the religious teaching that we are all sinners and inherently bad inside. This false teaching includes the idea that we are rejected by God in our natural state and need forgiveness for who we are. It also carries this idea that we are all basically hopeless and powerless apart from the help and assistance of some God located somewhere beyond the clouds in the sky.

Inner Anarchy is also turning toward our deep feelings inside that emanate from that Spirit mind/source/dimension within us. Many of us have had those moments when something triggered deep feelings within us in which we felt something that didn’t line up with what we’ve always been told about ourselves, others, the world and life itself. Perhaps those feelings opened up inside and you had a deep sense that none of us are separated from each other and that we all comprise one connected human family, joined together in a bond of love. Maybe you felt this but doubted or dismissed it, or didn’t know quite what to make of it.

The third aspect of inner anarchy is lifting those deep feelings up out of ourselves into the world by speaking them naturally to one another in our own words. Most people operate out of their heads and all those beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that have been programmed inside them. Inner anarchy is switching sources from that stuff in your head to what is real in your deep feelings. But it’s not complete until we lift those deep feelings out of us and speak them naturally in our own words to each other. It takes some real courage to do this.

Lastly, inner anarchy is cultivating a true and authentic togetherness among us and others based on the common life, Spirit and source that run through us all. When we start listening to and lifting up what is real in our deep feelings than there will be a physical manifestation of what these deep feelings shows us in the real world. Those deep feelings have real power and authority to bring the old order down and to birth a new world.

I wrote the book Inner Anarchy to share this message. Here are a few ways to explore it further:

About Inner Anarchy
Inner Anarchy FAQ
Inner Anarchy on Amazon

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  1. Dave D. says:

    Hi Jim, Have you read much Joseph Campbell? It seems like your message here in “Inner Anarchy” and on many of your posts is similar to the message of many of Campbell’s writings. I’m currently reading his “Reflections on the Art of Living” and I’m making quite a few connections to your book. Dave D.

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