That thing inside us – what to call it and how to experience it?

Inner anarchy is turning toward what is real in our deep feelings. That place inside us is difficult to pin down with words, but simple to experience. That’s the subject of my latest YouTube video. It’s Part Two of a previous video I did on this subject.

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  1. jim hibbett says:

    Hi Jim. I will share with you what I just shared with some FB friends who have all appreciated your journey: I think you are taking many ‘progressive Christians’ to new level of consideration, one where FB talk is very difficult for the means of communication. I hope I am not misrepresenting you. I may be interpreting you differently than you do yourself. Forgive me for that. But I sent this latest video to them along with my comments. Best to you always in your life and work. Appreciatively, Jim Hibbett

    I much appreciate Jim Palmer’s effort to speak of our inner natural, yet barely conscious, self. I’d prefer he had not used Persona as one description for persona usually means the opposite, the mask we wear for the world behind which somewhere is our truer self. I wish he had perhaps used the word soul to help, that which makes the human of such value to herself and to be sought above all else. But he knows how both Spirit and soul mean something different to most everyone. I dont think he is a reader of Jung which makes me even more appreciative of his effort to find words for this other , often unconscious, part of who we really are. He is trying to say what he means by ‘deep feelings.’ I think some Jungian terminology could help him a lot. He also could maybe get across to those who are interested in this by referring to more of the symbolism that has described this down through the ages…. the unquenchable fire, the pearl of great price, kingdom of God etc… Where rational words fail symbolism is just starting. I just really appreciate his effort to find words which show how this aspect of us can never be a formal idea and defined by reason. Somehow the search for it I think must be equivalent to the search for love— I think is another way of thinking of it. It is of another part of psyche beyond or thinking which we gesture to our forehead and near feel as happening in ‘our head’. This other part of the psyche is not focused there. And he is trying to get there without resorting to simple answers. It is an experiential reality not a reasoned one I hear him saying. I do appreciate his effort here, to the point of maybe risking being a fool for a higher purpose?, even so it may be where he loses his particular audience.??? I hope not. I think he also understates the kind of work on oneself discovering more of this inner world usually is. It is the appropriate highest challenge of the human life so is ‘easy or fits’ as Jesus said. But it is not easy. But it is natural.

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