Start listening to your gut


Yesterday I did a post, asking people to express naturally something they felt inside when their deep feelings were triggered.

Here was one response:

“That moment I was awakened, it was like a gushing river overflowing its banks and I felt Unconditional love and oneness with everyone and a freedom to be me. The feeling of love was overpowering. I felt one with God and everyone else, even people I had never met.”

My response to the comment was this:

“That picture of ‘a gushing river overflowing its banks’ resonates with me. I saw the picture of a flood. A flood is an overflow of water that submerges land which is usually dry. When the water rises and floods like this, there’s no stopping it. It has great power. In fact, you referred to it as ‘overpowering.’ What if that unconditional love and oneness was like rising flood waters that overflowed up out of us, submerging our world? I wonder if those deep feelings were trying to tell you/us that we have the power within us to release that unconditional love and oneness into the world and nothing can stop it.”


When those deep feelings are triggered within us, it usually has the following characteristics:

1. It rises up within us from a different place than just our ordinary human emotions that shift and change over the course of a day. You know it when it happens because there’s a certain substance and weight to them that is different.

2. These deep feelings have a real power and authority to them, and can sometimes feel “overwhelming.” It’s a very expansive and enveloping type of sensation.

3. These deep feelings are bigger than ourselves and transcend those things we might personally desire for ourselves. It often pushes up as a wish for the whole world… a very all-encompassing feeling that includes all of us as one.

4. It’s more than an idea or concept or fleeting emotion. Accompanying the deep feeling is a real power and certainty to it. You know just by speaking those deep feelings naturally that you are actually empowering the reality into existence.

It may be that the term “deep feelings” can throw some people off by thinking it’s simply whatever human emotion might be hanging around at the moment. Perhaps another way of saying it is that it’s something you suddenly know in your gut is real and true. The trick is to lift it up out of ourselves by speaking it naturally as we experience it in our own words.

Here are a couple YouTube videos I’ve done on this recently:

What do I mean by turning toward what is real in our deep feelings?

Turning toward our deep feelings: Part Two

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