What if there really was a messiah?


What if there really was a “messiah” who could save this world from the misery and suffering that plagues humankind, and birth a whole new world where we live together, whole, free and one. What if there really was a “messiah” that had the power to remove every obstacle, and tear down every belief, mindset, narrative and ideology that divides and destroys us. What if there really was a “messiah” who could deliver us into a heavenly reality that is even greater than our deepest wishes, highest dreams, and widest imaginations.

What if there really was a “messiah” like that?
Oh, my bad. There is. Inside us.

That “messiah” is not in your head. It’s not located in this or that philosophy, religion, belief system or positive thinking. This “messiah” is that spirit and life that runs through us all, which we connect with in our deep feelings and what we know in our gut is real and true. It is a distinctly different source than our head. What mostly happens now is essentially a tandem ride between the stuff in our heads and whatever human emotions pop off in the moment. Mental reasoning and human emotions are part of the package for sure, but there’s something else we feel strongly inside that is different from the cycling thoughts and emotions that shift and change over the course of a day. I think you know and have felt what I’m speaking of. Jesus referred to this as “the kingdom of heaven within us.” It’s not a religious thing, and any word applied to it, doesn’t quite get it.

As children, we encountered and operated in this source very naturally. Then we grow up and went into our head as we were programmed with all kinds of beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies. Since then, most of us have been doing that tandem ride described above, and doubt those deep powerful feelings that at times push themselves up to the surface.

We have the “messiah” inside us, but we’re gonna have to really start sorting through this stuff together and grab a hold of what lies within us. If you want to explore this further, give Inner Anarchy a read and let’s get down to business.

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