Should we be questioning the entire construct of death? Yes!

The subject of death is something most of us ponder and wonder about – not only our own death but also our loved ones that have been taken from us. What happens when we die? Where are our loved ones who have passed? What confidence should we have in the Christian teaching about heaven? The subject of death comes up in Inner Anarchy, and particularly Jesus’ bold assertions that an age is coming in which it will not be necessary to taste death. These are a few of the matters I discuss in the below video.

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  1. thewisetent says:

    I just finished watching this video. Very interesting material. The Greek word for “saved” seems to denote more than our English word; much to our detriment it would appear. I just wanted to ask you if you would be able to elaborate on this: Jesus says, “For the wages of is death” what does he mean by this word then given that death is not the “passing from this life to the next” as was classically understood. How does sin and hell (hell meaning ‘the separation from God or the undoing of the soul’) work into this picture or new way of thinking? Thanks.

  2. Steve Ames says:

    When Jesus was talking about never dieing I have been taught that this was spiritual death. I now think that is wrong because I don,t think we were ever dead spiritually
    What are your thoughts concerning this?

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