Let there be a silent tacit understanding and no more.


“This book is not the Truth.

The Truth is not something that can be elucidated through words. Every thought and idea in this book is a temporary expedient or provisional means to point you in the direction of Truth so you will be liberated from your suffering.

Form no concepts from this book. Create weaker concepts as you go.

You might take from this book that there is God, a true Self, a mind-body-personhood-ego, and the world. This adds up to four different and distinct things. This is not the way things really are. There is only One thing and there is no contradiction between anything.

There is no such thing called “Christianity.” “Christianity” is a word that people chose to indicate a particular religious system for knowing God through the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. But the religion and the person are often two very different and unrelated things. Jesus was an expression of the Truth, and through his life and teachings we have been given every opportunity to discover the Truth for ourselves.

The Truth and how one comes to know it cannot be formulated.

To see things as they truly are is a turning about at the seat of your consciousness, and the end of your suffering.

Look for no place to abide. Do not seek any outcome in your knowledge of the Truth. Have no expectation. Only return to the present moment and respond as the situation requires.

You have a lifetime of habit energy that drives your life forward in false perception and many preferences, both of which trip you up. Don’t make it a goal to change this. Simple awareness is all that is required. See yourself and have awareness of your habit energy and then immediately return to the present moment and the wisdom of your true Self.

Don’t involve yourself with hypothetical scenarios when it comes to Truth. Deal with what comes up in your life and the lives of others that you are relating to.

Do not seek any identity or attach yourself to any feelings of spiritual superiority. Only be grateful that your ignorance has fallen from your eyes.  Be a servant of all, and do what aids the liberation of all humankind.

Have compassion. For there are many travelers along the way who suffer.

There is never any reason to argue about God. There is no being “right” or “wrong” about God since God cannot be known in the mind. Instead of debating about God, seek only to love others and you will not be so concerned about your arguments.

Determine to not hurt others intentionally. It’s enough to deal with those we have hurt unintentionally.

Don’t get hung up on concepts. There is no experience of non-duality because all experience happens in your mind. There is nothing more to know in and through your mind.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that there are so many things that you must know to be free. Instead, consider that it is all that thinking that is getting in your way.

Be gentle with yourself. Have compassion for yourself.  Do not be so hard on yourself.  You are the one in most need of your own love and grace.

This book was based on years of notes I wrote to myself in my own journey to know the Truth, and end my suffering. I just now tore all those notes to shreds and threw them in the trash.

Tomorrow morning I will wake up once again as a beginner. I will not hold tightly to any note I have ever written. I will be present in the next moment and make whatever slight response is suited for the occasion. I will rest in the perfect peace and well-being of all things as One.

The way is not something which can be studied. You know the truth and always have. It is now time to accept what you know. Every day you must accept it and relentlessly apply it to each and every situation, thought, and circumstance that arises.

Do not judge but see every man as your brother and every woman as your sister. Be not selective in your compassion. Be a son or daughter of Adam and cast your lot with all humankind and living things.

There is no separation.

Be humble. In your enlightenment you gained nothing, you attained nothing. You only saw the way things are and always have been, and will be.

There is sadness in this world but I have discovered a joy that is deeper. The sadness does not diminish the joy. The joy does not protect you from the sadness.

Away with all thinking, explanation, and words!

Let there be a silent tacit understanding and no more.”

– Jim Palmer, Notes from (Over) the Edge 

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