Inner anarchists in Music City (What happens in Nashville, stays in Nashville)


Some time ago I started the Inner Anarchy Community on Facebook. It’s an intentional community of people who connect and converse about the path of deprogramming ourselves from false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies, and turning toward the guidance and empowerment of our higher spiritual awareness. The group supports one another in divesting ourselves from the current order that operates upon those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies, and creating a new reality in its place out of that higher awareness and direct action.

The group is not for the faint of heart. The point of the community is to substantially explore both sides of inner anarchy – the inner work and the outer expression. There are some who come at this equation more from the spiritual/inner side, and others who come more with an activist/outer focus. In my view, it’s the yin and yang – the two cannot be separated from each other. Feel free to join the community. You can do so at this link.

Meanwhile, every Tuesday a group of inner anarchists in Nashville gather together for a roundtable discussion at an East Nashville coffee house, usually Bongo Java or Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea House.

Here is a synopsis of today’s meeting.

We had a roundtable gathering/discussion of inner anarchists at the Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea House in East Nashville today. I gained a lot from the interaction and connections that happened there.

I know it’s early in this movement, but it’s sometimes difficult to find people who have truly put the “inner” and the “anarchy” pieces together to form a whole. I tend to find two kinds of people. First there are those who are very activist/anarchy-oriented but have a mostly unexplored inner life. They are typically stuck in their head/ego, and largely unaware of their real Self and their higher spiritual awareness. They’re really not able to connect with you in that deep-feeling/transcendent place of love/oneness.

But then I also find those who seem to have a rather in-grown and individualistic spirituality that never seems to turn outward to the world in any kind of robust or vigorous way. It almost feels like a sort of privileged and passive spirituality that turns a blind eye to the injustice and oppression of our world.

What seems to be rare at this stage are those who have truly put the two together – a person who operates within that true Self, deep-feeling source, higher spiritual awareness, AND lives and expresses this reality by turning away from the false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that have been programmed into their heads, AND divest themselves from and subvert those oppressive and unjust systems and structures in our world that operate on the basis of those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies. AND not just being “against them,” but birthing a new reality in its place – living, taking direct action, self-organizing with others, lifting up and being the alternative to the oppressive systems and structures of the current order. We don’t need a privileged and passive spirituality that turns a blind eye to the injustice and oppression of our world. We need a real, vigorous and scrappy spirituality that is rooted in our true Self and higher spiritual awareness, AND brings it into the world through direct action, intervention, and revolution.

One of the things we discussed at the inner anarchists roundtable today is how people mostly relate to one another out of their heads, their ego, and the scripts they’ve been programmed with. A visual depiction of this would be a group of people talking and you see these lines drawn between all of them from one head to the other. Head talking to head, ego talking to ego, script talking to script. We can’t get what we’re really after this way. We have to shift sources… go deeper… access our true Self… be aware of our higher awareness… turn to what is real in our deep feelings and what we know to be true in our gut… and trust speak, connect and relate to one another from that place. We actually practiced this together today as a group by speaking and connecting openly and honestly with one another from our deep feelings and higher awareness through words, song, and human touch. We also spoke of the lies that hold our world hostage, especially fear and separation.

Something I also learned today is just how important it is for inner anarchists to meet and connect together face-to-face in groups. If you are reading this right now, what if you started a little coffee house roundtable get-together in your neck of the woods and converse about inner anarchy?

Latest Comments

  1. encounterillumination says:

    Dare I boldy (and humbly) suggest that God moved into manifesting after nearly two years of focusing on my meditation practice (this was after 8 years of yoga). I believe two key components of embodying compassion and being grounded enough to make a difference are an “earthing” practice and continuing daily mindfulness both still and moving. Practice, practice and ALL IS COMING. Bless your work Jim P.!! Maybe we will meet someday soon. a. Grace Brown

  2. Casey says:

    Is there still a group? I can’t find anymore info.

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