Inner anarchists confront the empire of lies


George Orwell said, “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

I started a conversation in the Inner Anarchy Community on Facebook where we are identifying false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that goven our lives and world, and what the alternative would be if we intead lived and acted from our higher awareness.

Here are a few mentioned so far:

“Falsehood: You can’t trust the voice inside of you is the falsehood. Alternative: That voice inside of you is the Source from which all truth comes.”

“Falsehood: The poor and homeless or lesser lazy people who aren’t trying. Alternative: Instead of avoiding such people or just giving them a handout talk to them offer compassion understanding friendship. and don’t forget to listen.”

“Falsehood: Jesus died for your sin. Alternative: he came to tell people they were already sinless.. And was murdered for it.”

“Falsehood: Combatting situations is negative energy and disrupts society in a way there will never be progress. Higher Awareness: Making a stand for True Source is actually breaking down False Source oppressions and controls.”

“Falsehood: all humans are either male or female. Alternative: all humans sit somewhere on a scale of femaleness or maleness and where we sit is ever changing.”

“Falsehood: we are separate from each other and everything in the universe. Alternative: all things are connected.”

“Falsehood: Large scale monoculture is good agricultural practice
Alternative: Small scale local, organic farms growing a variety of foods in harmony with seasons are more efficient and environmentally friendly.”

“Falsehood: People who are addicted to drugs are bad and should spend their lives behind bars. Awareness: All people are fundamentally whole, and to whatever extent drugs are destrying a person’s well-being we should understand and address the conditions that are feeding into it.”

If you want to join in and be part of this conversation, you can join the Inner Anarchy Community here.

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