Is there a writer in you wanting to come out?


Letting the Words Out: A Writer’s Workshop with Jim Palmer

Is there a writer in you wanting to come out?

I wish I had a dollar for every time someone has said to me over the years that they had a story to tell or something in their heart and spirit that they wanted to write. I wonder how many of them actually did. Perhaps self-doubt crept in. Maybe they didn’t know where or how to begin. The idea of being a “writer” can seem overwhelming and intimidating.

I understand. That was me in 2005. Five published books later, I’ve learned some things about writing – how and where to begin, how to develop a plan for completing a writing project, and most importantly how to give birth in words to what you are carrying in your heart.

My philosophy as a writing coach…

I believe in the extraordinary power and beauty of a person’s self-expression. Who you are is God’s gift to you. Who you are is your gift to the world. That gift is opened and shared through self-expression. I am particularly committed to supporting people in being freely and fully self-expressed writers.

Maya Angelou wrote, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” Stephen King added, “Sometimes stories cry out to be told in such loud voices that you write them just to shut them up.” People have stories inside of them that are meant to be written. Sometimes that story is deeply personal – like stories of heartache, loss, transformation and liberation. Sometimes the story shows up in the form of a profound understanding or expertise in areas such as relationships, spirituality, healing, creativity and authentic living. Other times it’s a story we have a fire inside to tell, even if it’s not our story specifically except for the mark it made on us. And then there are times when a story is born out of one’s imagination, where people and plots come alive and dance together in mysterious, enchanting, gripping ways that awaken, inspire, unlock, embolden us and make us look deeper.

My expertise in supporting writers is creating a space, uniquely tailored to the needs of each writer, where they identify, access, and extend their authentic and distinct self through the written word in order to fulfill on their intention for writing. This includes partnering together in doing personal work in the following areas:

• Creating a statement of intention for the writing project, and the essential parameters of fulfilling the project.

• Exploring what it means for the writer to write in integrity with themselves, expressing their authentic personality, thoughts, feelings, and experiences, as well as determining what it means to complete the project in integrity.

• Establishing a book structure that effectively supports the intention of the writing project.

• Determining and incorporating self-care practices that nurture the inner life and creativity of the writer.

• Establishing a writing rhythm and schedule that supports the process of: writing content; submitting content for input and feedback; and having interaction and discussion about it.

I am leading a 6-week writer’s workshop…

The workshop is designed for any person who has an interest in expressing themselves through the written word, and has a writing project in mind that they would like to work on. The key components of the workshop include:

* Giving definition to a particular writing project for each workshop member, and achieving a 6-week goal related to that project.

*A private and dedicated Facebook page for workshop members to connect and share with one another as desired, and regular posts by Jim about authentic self-expression and writing. Will also include a weekly YouTube video from Jim for the workshop members.

* A weekly writing assignment related to your writing project

* Three 60-minute coaching calls with Jim for each workshop member about your writing project.

How to register for the Letting the Words Out workshop…

There will be a limited number of participants for the workshop to ensure personalized attention. Prior to the beginning of the workshop, each participant will be asked to complete some preliminary assignments so we can hit the ground running when the workshop begins. The 6-week workshop will begin the week of Monday, October 4, and end the week of November 8.

The cost for the workshop is $175. Early enrollment before September 15 receives a $15 discount at $160. After September 15 the cost is $175. You can register at this link. 

If you’re interested PM me or send an email to:

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