Letting the Words Out Writing Workshop with Jim Palmer


“I write only because
there is a voice within me
that will not be still.”
–Sylvia Plath, from an untitled poem written in 1948

Is there that “voice” within you that will not be still and wants to be expressed? Sometimes I think people attach some sort of mystique to the idea of being a “writer.” Expressing what’s within you through the written word is available to any person willing to explore that path. I can’t tell you how many people have told me they are not “writers” and then I read something they’ve written that was truly amazing. In most cases it’s not that a person can’t express themselves through the written word as much as it is that they doubt themselves. I am leading an upcoming Letting the Words Out Writer’s Workshop. There will be some preliminary assignments before the actual workshop begins the first week in October. There are still a couple spots available.

Check out the details about the Letting the Words Out Writers Workshop here.

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