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One of the biggest obstacles to birthing a new world is a false Jesus-story that institutional Christianity has been spreading for the past 2,000 years. Inner Anarchy is a literary Molotov cocktail, designed to take down that story once and for all so we can get to the true message and spirit of Jesus, and a real plan of action to birth a new world.

Inner Anarchy FAQ

Acclaim for Inner Anarchy

“A message worth considering.” – Publishers Weekly

“… a blowtorch to the bars of a cage.” – Bookpage.com

“Inner Anarchy is not a book; it’s smelling salts.” – Jacob Byrne

“Whoa! Batton down the hatches, and leave what you think you already know at the door.” – Carry Graham

“Gritty. Deep. A message to rattle your cage, and change the world.” – Lucas Farrell

“… like a tuning fork to what lay sleeping within our own hearts.” – Ken Dahl, Author of What is God, And How Does It Work?

“It has changed everything I thought I knew about God.” – Byron Johnson

“A sign post in the middle of the desert pointing the way to inner truth.” – Donna Willis Kinnaird

“An admonition to the Christian church, an invitation to birth a new world, and a challenge to tear down what is ruling us from within.” – Maria Armstrong

“…. displacing the darkness of religion and revealing the real intentions of Jesus.” – Bob Ingle, UnheardWordz.com

“… will speak to you at your core and trust the truths that lie within you.” – Reuben Goff

“…brings God out of the sky to the center of our lives. Inner Anarchy shows the way to the future.” – Jim High, President of Southern Progressive Alliance for Exploring Religion

“Jim makes it easy for people coming out of religious turmoil to connect and fight for their inner truth. He has paved the way to help us to tear down walls and embrace inner anarchy.” – Brandalyn Ziemann

“There is such healing in his words. Give yourself a break and read the book!” – Jennifer Helt

“Remember the sixties? Inner Anarchy could spark a movement that finishes the job!” – Carson Kavanagh

About Inner Anarchy

Inner Anarchy has been an independent publishing effort, which would not have been possible without a lot of awesome people. There were several people who comprised a reader group that read portions of the manuscript and offered their input and feedback. After the draft was completed, Becca Tyndall Cipriani, Diana Blair Revell, Ron Lewis and Heather Palmer did the editing, copyediting, and proofing work on the manuscript. Amazing photographer, Darla Winn, did an original photo shoot for the book cover. With those images, Yana Cortlund  designed the cover, as well as the interior page design/formatting for the book. Speaking of the cover, thanks to all my Facebook friends who offered their input in helping determine the winning cover concept for the book. This project has been supported and funded by my Facebook, blog and social media friends through the Friends of Jim Palmer GoFundMe effort. Thanks to each person who made a contribution! I am also thankful for several folks who wrote endorsements for the book. We have a pretty awesome and growing group of inner anarchists that made this book possible!

Amazon Description 

One of the great spiritual writers of our times, Jim Palmer, is calling for anarchy – inner anarchy! Since 2005, Palmer has been exploring the terrain of spirituality beyond the mindsets of organized religion, and has written four books, including the widely acclaimed works, Divine Nobodies, and Notes from (Over) the Edge. In his provocative new book Inner Anarchy, Palmer shows how the Christian religion has twisted the true life and message of Jesus, and has preached a powerless gospel that is preventing millions of people from being free. He challenges the reader to inner anarchy, “We must dethrone and tear down the mindsets and ideologies that are ruling our world from within us and taking us further down a road of certain doom.”

Whether you are a Christian, Atheist, or whatever religious or spiritual background you may have, Palmer offers a hopeful place for all human beings to explore the possibility of birthing a new reality in our world. He writes, “Jesus announced the inauguration of a new age—the likes of which we have never seen but have dreamed of. His words are compelling and fascinating. He implied that this age is hidden in the human heart and is now ready to be birthed into existence. Jesus said it would come in the midst of great turmoil and would be led not by religious preachers and Bible scholars, but by those who open up their minds, become like a child and trust what is deep inside their hearts.”

About Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer is a contemporary spiritual teacher, and critically acclaimed author of five books including Divine Nobodies, and Notes from (Over) the Edge. He is a leading voice in the non-religious spirituality movement, and takes his message throughout the world. Jim is an avid cyclist, animal lover, and lives with his family in Nashville, Tennessee.