Inner Anarchy FAQ



1. The sub-title of the book is: “Dethroning God and Jesus to Save Ourselves and the World.” Does this mean that the book advocates the view of not believing in God or Jesus?

Inner Anarchy points out that religion created stories about God and Jesus that are not true, and that these stories are preventing the salvation and freedom of humankind and our world. Once one separates Jesus from the Christian religion and take a fresh look at the truth Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated, than you find a powerful and liberating message that most people have never heard.

2. Inner Anarchy speaks a lot about Jesus; does that mean that you more or less need to be a Christian to jive with the message of this book?

One of the points in the book is that Jesus did not start the Christian religion, and never intended for any religion to be formed in his name. The truth Jesus bore witness to and demonstrated has universal relevance and significance, regardless of your religious, spiritual or philosophical tradition or background.

3. Do the teachings in Inner Anarchy comprise a new belief system that people are recommended to believe and follow?

The teachings in Inner Anarchy are not new or unique. They are not meant to be the basis for any belief system, nor lend themselves to this possibility. Author Jim Palmer does not claim any special anointing or enlightenment in the message of the book. The contents of the book have been the subject of much controversy because they call into question many of the most sacred notions associated with the Christian religion.

4. How does the “anarchy” theme relate to the message of the book?

The term “anarchy” means the absence of a ruling class. One of the central themes of the book is how most people are operating out of false religious and cultural beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that have been programmed into our heads, beginning at a young age and multiplying ever since. These false conceptualizations have become powers that rule within people, and is the source of all hatred, suffering, violence, injustice, and misery in our world. Unless these ruling powers are dethroned from our lives, our world will continue to spiral further into chaos and ultimately destruction and extinction.

5. “Anarchy,” “dethroning God and Jesus” – Inner Anarchy seems to have a rebellious and negative tone to it. Does it?

Rebellious, yes. Negative, no. There’s no question the book calls for people to “rebel” against those false beliefs, mindsets, narratives and ideologies that are ruling us from within. But that’s only half the message. The other half of the message is about discovering and shifting to a different authority within ourselves that any person can access naturally. One of the key messages of the book is how this shift in source is what liberates ourselves and the world.

6. Is Inner Anarchy an anti-Christian message?

Inner Anarchy is a pro-Jesus message, but it is presenting a picture of Jesus that may be foreign to those who learned about Jesus through the Christian religion. Author Jim Palmer comes from a Christian background as a seminary graduate and pastor of many years. He invites all Christians to join him in sharing a new message of Jesus that has universal relevance and significance.

7. Jim Palmer’s blog and Facebook page makes mention of a “secret” Inner Anarchy Group. Jim has also been recently accused on his blog of being a cult leader. Is there any validity to this?

There is an Inner Anarchy Facebook Group with the privacy setting of “secret” in order to provide a place for people who have read the book to interact and converse, and support one another in working out the message of the book for themselves. Since 2005 Jim Palmer has been sharing his spiritual journey and Inner Anarchy is his fifth book. People who know Jim or have read his books knows him to be a down-to-earth, authentic, caring and deferential person.

8. What is the outcome or hope that Inner Anarchy envisions?

Inner Anarchy offers the hope of birthing a new and liberated world, and the message of the book is that humankind has the power and authority within us to do so. Once we cast out those ruling systems programmed into us, and turn to that natural higher source that is present in every human being, all things are possible. Only then can our intelligence, brilliance, ingenuity and power be released to create a world that works for everyone and fulfills the phrase of a reality that is “on earth as it is in heaven.”

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